The Easiest and Cheapest Scarf You’ll Ever Make


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Fall is all about deep, rich colors and cozy, effortless style.  But how do you look autumn chic without going broke?  It’s all about the accessories and the ultimate fall accessories are…you guessed it….SCARVES!

I’m a big Pinterest fan and it seems like these days no Pinterest ensemble is complete without an eye-catching scarf. I have spent weeks drooling over stylish outfits and pinning to my autumn wardrobe board. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t need to buy a single snazzy sweater or another cute cardigan ever again.  All I need to breathe life into my sad, bland wardrobe are some fashion forward scarves.

I head straight to my local Target. I am a genius!  I will spend $20 on several interesting patterned scarves and I’ll be all set for fall without breaking my budget. I make a beeline to the accessories department and fall in love with the plethora of plaids and oriental patterns.   I grab the first one within reach and quickly turn over the tag and I am SHOCKED!  My hopes of autumnal apparel bliss are dashed.  $20 for a single scarf?!  That can’t be right!  That’s more than the sweaters they’re slinging in the clothing section!  What to do?  What to do?


I haven’t been to the fabric store in about ten years, but I figure it’s worth a try. I can’t sew to save my life so I really don’t know what my plan is, but I figure I’ll make it work if I can at least get a good deal and I am pleasantly surprised.  My local Jo-Ann Fabric Store is chock full of beautiful designs in an array of coordinating colors.  What’s even better is that most of the fabrics are 40% off and when I check with the salesperson, she tells me they have deals just about every week and coupons in the newspaper. Get your Jo-Ann coupons here. I am ecstatic to learn that a half yard of fabric will only cost me an average of $2.00!  I buy  a half yard of 10 different fabrics making sure they will complement my existing wardrobe and have interesting patterns. But now that I have all these would be scarves, how do I keep them from unraveling?


Yes, that’s right, burn them!  I have my 11 year old spread the edges and I take a lighter to them.  It works like a charm! *NOTE: Some synthetic fabrics burn more easily than others.  Burn the edges lightly so as not to have it ignite!

IMG_20141103_201106 (1)

Now that I’ve had some time to play around with different looks, I am even more in love with my new scarves.  Many of the fabrics work well together and I can even double them up and tie them together to give my look even more variety.  I get scarf crazy and even rip apart my closet looking for old shirts I no longer wear.  I’ll turn those into scarves, too!

Once you have all those scarves, check out all the different ways there are to wear a scarf! Click here for even more ways to tie all those new scarves.

Browse through my ideas below and get started making your own.  Get creative and let me know how it goes. Maybe I can learn a thing or two from you!



Tie the ends together to make an infinity scarf


Tie two scarves together for a fuller look.

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